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 Health Program “Health”

 Restores and regulates the balance of  the 
 body by an individual diet(relief and
 healing nutrition) and physical activity. 

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Health Program "Detox"

Offers improved health and vitality by purifying the body of accumulated toxins. According to the individual health of the client different variations of detoxification apply: fasting, juice therapy, raw food diet.

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Health Program "Weight loss"

Offers weight loss with healing diet without fasting, medicine and health risk. Specific combination of diet and physical activity leads to a regulated reduction in excess weight.

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Health Program "Vitality"

Offers improving the overall health of the body. Nourishing healing food, fresh air, physical activity and positive thinking restore and surcharge with energy and vitality.

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Program "Healthy holiday"

Provides a well deserved break from the stress and tension in daily life try the combination of beautiful scenery, fresh air and peaceful atmosphere.

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