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Vita Rama healing therapy
Vita Rama nutrition therapy was developed and based on the 35 years of professional experience in health nutrition of the dietitian Georgi Slavov. Vita Rama system considers health as harmony between the body - what we eat and what is our physical activity, the mind - stress levels and the spirit.

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Success stories
Read inspiring success stories how people reverse their health through following the Vita Rama health programs. Some loose weight, others heal their diabetes and many other diseases, and still others have life changing experience.
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What we heal
Nutrition therapy Vita Rama successfully heals diseases of endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, nervous system, immune system others.
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Our location

Health programs Vita Rama take place in natural places - combination of sea and mountain; distance from the noise and dust of the city; peace and tranquility; mountain and sea air with proven healing and beneficial effects on pulmonary, cardiovascular and bone diseases.

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Pictures from our lectures, seminars, workshops, health programs - yoga and physical activities and exercises, nature walks, sungazing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Vita Rama healthy foods, culinary workshops, games for children, night sessions and others.

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