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Success stories

Ralitsa Aleksandrova

We enrolled in „Health” program in the late summer of 2014. We encountered professionalism, attention and a lot of kindness by the team of Vita Rama. We were in a wonderful location, combining sea and mountains, and the results in terms of our own health really satisfied us. After a stay in the health center we feel much healthier, more vibrant, relaxed and filled with energy.

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Malina and Villy Gogovi

It was actually the turning point - the moment when you realize that you are really going against yourself. Herniated disc and these terrible back pains, constant fatigue, headaches, overweight, irritability, almost unable to relax - I can add more to that troublesome list; as if all these were not enough and I had this happen to me. Just at that moment, something inside me changed and I knew what to do - to trust myself, to think for myself and figure out what I am missing, what I am doing or not doing, so that my life is going in this direction. Thus began my journey to a healthier, happier and beautiful life.

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Dimitar Bishev

Thanks namely to the diet which I follow also at the moment, I managed to "throw away" the medicines for high blood pressure and the medicines I used for GERD. I reduced my weight with over 20 kg. I feel calm and in good condition. The food in Vita Rama is extremely tasty and varied.

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Emilia Gocheva

In Vita Rama I was involved in Weight Loss Program. This program exactly helped me to also purify my body. For a year and a half I lost total of 10 kg! I stopped the antidepressant also, which I was taking for more than 10 years ...

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Ivanka Dobreva

Already in the first week of my stay in the Health center Vita Rama disappeared my heartburn, the burning in the stomach, there were no crisis. Dizziness was controlled to a great extent. Pain in the small joints faded away. The problems with the pancreas were solved – there was no pain.

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