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Milcho Milchev

Milcho Miltchev
Front Desk

Milcho Miltchev graduated from the High School of Mathematics "Dr. Petar Beron" ,Varna, majoring in mathematics. For health reasons he decided to change his diet and in 2012 get in touch with Health Center Vita Rama. He improved his health and was introduced to the basics of healthy diet.
In the summer of 2012 he was a volunteer in several "living sites" in Bulgaria, where people apply bio-sustainable agriculture and lead an alternative lifestyle.
From February 2013 to September 2014, Milcho was a bartender and waiter in vegetarian and seafood restaurant "Jasmine Tea House" - Varna.
From September 2014 to May 2015 he is a barman- waiter in a vegan restaurant "Veganika" - Varna.
His motivation is development in the field of healthy eating and bio-sustainable agriculture.